Year of Establishment:
The Telugu Department was started in the year 1954. Presently the Department consists of 3 members.


  1. Telugu is offered as Second language and also Modern Language, at Degree level
  2. Autonomy provided wide choice in  framing the  syllabus to suit to modern times. In degree I Semester some   topics of “Usage of Modern Telugu Language ” are introduced. This enables students to  pursue Carriers in Print and Electronic Media , as there is wide scope  for anchoring, production  and news reading.

New Courses:
A Career oriented Course in “Translation Proficiency” (English to Telugu), Sanctioned by U.G.C has been started from November 2004.

Started a Certificate Course in Anchoring and News Reading as it is in demand.

Activities of the Department:
1) Extension Lectures
2) Drams which deal with Contemporary Social Problems were staged by students.

Students Study Programme:
600 students have opted for Telugu as Second Language.  Modern Language is opted by 25 students. Telugu Literature is included as one of the optional subjects in Group I & II Services and in IAS Main Examination. Most of the students who appear for these Competitive Exams, are benefited by opting Telugu at Degree level.  

Faculty Details

S. No

Faculty Name



Other Responsibilities

1. Dr. T.V.Nagaranjani HOD M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D,
Advanced Diploma in Russian
22 yrs Co-Convener, Cultural Committee
2. Mrs. P. Sudeshna M.A. T.P.T 23 yrs
3. Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi M.A, B.Ed, Ph,D 4 yrs

Departmental Activities

Activities of the Members