On March 3rd 1999 a meeting of the past Students of R.B.V.R.R.Women’s College was convened in the College premises under the Presidentship of Principal DR.G. Seshikala and Vice-Principal Dr.M.S.Mohini. It was decided to name the group as R.B.V.R.R.Women’s College Alumni Association (RBVRRWCAA), Hyderabad, A.P.

The Association is an allied organisation of Hyderabad Mahila Vidya Sangham.

The registered office of the Alumni Association shall be at RBVRR Women’s College, Narayanaguda, Hyderabad.


The aims and objectives of the Alumni Association shall be:

  1. To maintain fraternity amongst old students of RBVRR College by promoting and organising workshops, social and cultural activities etc.,
  2. To maintain liaison with the management and staff of RBVRR College, so as to promote advancement of higher education particularly amongst the women.
  3. To help the students of RBVRR College by providing professional and vocational guidance.
  4. To promote general advancements of women, facilitate exchange of information and provide inputs to policy makers.
  5. To undertake such other activities which will fulfill the main objectives of the society.
  6. To institute gold medals and scholarships for the students of the college.


  • The past students of RBVRR Women’s College who subscribe to the aims and objects of the Alumni Association shall be elible for its mmbership.
  • The retired teaching and non- staff of RBVRR Women’s College who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Association are admitted as Associate members on request.


  • The membership fee shall be Rs.100/- to be collected annually.
  • The Life Membership of the Association shall be Rs. 1,000/- to be collected once.


The sources of income shall be from:

  • Membership fee
  • Donations, gifts, grants etc.,
  • Other sources as envisaged by the Managing Committee from time to time.
  • The income and properties of the Association shall be utilised solely for the promotion of its aims and objectives.