The Department of History began right from the inception of the college at the intermediate level. History at B. A. level started from the year 1956-57 with several combinations (like H. E. P, ML. H. P, H. P. P, H.S.P ) with subjects like Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, with English medium . In the year 1969-70 the course was offered both in English and Telugu medium.

The Department was headed by illustrious members like Ms. Vaidehi, Ms. Leela Patel, Ms.K. Savitri Devi, Ms. Shakuntala, Dr. Jaya Ragunath successively. At present the department is headed by Ms. Geeta, who hard the fortune of working as Controller of Exams.

To meet the growing demands and challenges of the market the combination has restructured with new subject ML(English language literature), History, Journalism from the year 2014-15. Journalism programme aims to provide firm foundation and exposure to the students so that they can directly get into print media or can pursue at their higher studies.

Guest Lectures:

  1. Rekha Pande on Empowerment of Women on 5th Febuary’2013.
  2. Role of Gandhi in Freedom Movement by I. Lakshmi on 25th Febuary’2013.
  3. Society & Status of Women during Vijayanagara Period by R. Varalakshmi.
  4. Impact of Islam on Indian Culture by Anjaiah on 12th Febuary’2016.
  5. Telangana Armed Strrugle by Prof. Sudershan Reddy on 10th March’2016. Followed by students Workshop on South Indian Kingdoms, Impact of Islam, Delhi Sultanate Rulers.

Education Tours:

1. Visited Purani Havelli and Choumahala Palace on 5th December’2015.

2. Tour to Warangal –Thousand Pillar Temple, Warangal/Orugallu Fort & Kollanpaka on 6th  Febuary’2016.


S. No

Faculty Name



1. Ms.H.Geetha M.A 24yrs