Business Administration

Faculty of Business Administration

Name of the Institution
Hyderabad. – 500027
Phone – 27564296

Name and Address of the Director
Prof.Swapna Singh
Block -1 ,Flat -2
M.J Road,Hyderabad.-01

MBA – Full Time
No of Seats – 120
Duration – 2 years
Fee – Rs.40,000

Fee Structure
Iyr – Rs 26,700 + Rs 2,000(Admission/Registration/Recognition fees)+Rs 1,500 (Common Services)+Rs 1000 (student services).
IIYR – Rs.19,300

Our college is the first women’s college in twin cities to have started the MBA programme in 1991. the two year regular MBA programme is affiliated to Osmania University and is recognized by AICTE. The core objective of the programme is to train young students to acquire right attitude and right professional skills, in order to enable them to take on challenging assignments in various management professions.

The Admission Procedure:
Admission to the course is highly competitive. Students are selected based on state wide entrance examination (ICET). Around 50,000 candidates take the examination and our college is one of the preferred colleges, among the affiliated colleges of Osmania University by the students who qualify the entrance exam. Number of seats sanctioned is 120. Students are admitted according to the Government rules

Criteria and weightages for Admission
Students are admitted through the centralised counselling conducted by Osmaina University.

Objectives of MBA Programme
MBA programme at our institution is designed to equip students with a generalist-specialist orientation and combines core management knowledge, personal, interpersonal skills necessary to ensure organizational and personal effectiveness.

Guest Lectures:

Date Topic Speaker
20/8/06 Case Study Mr.Hari Prasad, Management Consultant
28/10/06 Distribution Channel Mr.Sailendra Naidu,Head F.W.B.,Airtel.
14/10/06 Niche Marketing Strategies for Organic Produce Mr.S.Rajeshwar Reddy
18/11/06 New Paradigms In Management Mr.Abhirama Krishna
25/11/06 Risk Management Mr.M.Sanjaya.
8/3/07 Corporative Governance Prof.Laxmi Narain
24/3/07 Public Private Patnerships in India Mr.B.S.Chakravarthy.
31/3/07 Overview of Securities Market Mr.Vijaya Bhaskar
3/4/07 Overview of SCM Dr.V.Venkat Reddy
12/4/07 Retailing Scenario in India Mr.Y.Mehar Rajiv










1. Prof. Maruthi Ram M. A. Ph.D 46 Professor Incharge
2. Prof. Swapna Singh MBA, Ph.D 16 Director
3. Dr. Renuka MBA, Ph.D 14 HOD
4. Dr. T. Lata Sujata M.Sc,M.Phil,MCA, Ph.D 16 Reader


Mohana Reddy

MCA,PGDBA,M.Tech 14 Reader
6. Ms.R. Bindu MBA 11 Reader
7. Ms.C. Kavitha MBA, M. Phil 6 Asst. Prof.
Ms.P.Lalitha Praveena MBA 4 Asst. Prof.
9. Ms.P. Vijaya M.Com,PGDHRM,(MBA) 14 Asst Prof
10. Ms.Deepika Keerthi.C MBA (Finance) 5 (Industry) Assr Prof
11. Ms.B.Laxmi MBA (Finance) 8 (Industry) Assr Prof
12. Ms.P.Vineela MBA (Marketing) 4 (Industry) Assr Prof