Inter Disciplinary Electives(IDE)


S. No Name of the Department II Semester IV Semester VI Semester
1. Botany Role of medicinal plants in daily life Canning &Food Preservation Millets in your Meal
2. Food &Nutrition Count what you eat Methods of Cooking Health and Fitness
3. Bio-Technology Food Adulteration Nutrition  Food Contamination
4. Business Management (BBMT)(UG) Branding Participative Management HR-Contemporary Practices
5. Chemistry Soaps and Detergents  Plastics  Cosmetics
6. Commerce Direct Taxes E-Banking Hotel Accounts & Insurance
7. Computer science Humancomputer Interaction Data Warehouse and Mining  Adobe Photoshop, Java Programming 
8. English —– Business Communication Skills
9. Electronics Electronic Devices  Basic Electronic Instruments  Principles of Electronic Domestic Appliances 
10. History Indian Constitution  E-Governance  Disaster Management 
11. Journalism Advertising  Freelance Journalism  Magazine and Photo Journalism 
12. Mathematics Logic and sets Theory of numbers Quantitative Aptitude
13. Physics Transmission & Communication Systems  Alternate Energy Sources   —-
14. Statistics —- —- Data Analytics
15. Zoology& Microbiology Clinical Science Nutrition and Dietetics Health & Wellness
16. B.B.A Retail Management  —-
17. M.B.A 1. Personality Development2. Entrepreneurial Development Health  Care Management —-
18 M.Sc Computer Science Web Designing Core Java &InternetE-commerce —–
19 M.Sc Organic Chemistry Soaps & Detergents  Plastics —–