Generic Electives (GE) are introduced as part of the CBCS. Several GE courses are offered in V and VI semester for UG students and II & IV semesters for P.G students and the students has to choose from the list of G.E given . The list may be subject to change

S.No. Name of the Dept. V semester VI semester  
1. BBA  Principles of Management Banking and Insurance
2. Botany  Role of Medicinal  Plants in Day to day Life Millets in your meal
3. Biotechnology  Food Adultration Food Contamination
4. Business Management (U.G)  Branding HR Contemporary
5. Chemistry(U.G)  Atomic Structure Chemistry of Main Group Elements
6. Computer science  Information Technology –I Information Technology -II
7. Commerce Marketing Communication Project Management
8. Electronics Electronic Devices Principles of Electronic Domestics
9. English  Business Communication Skills Corporate Fiction
10. Forensic science Human Rights Crime against Women
11. Food & nutrition Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition Fundamentals of Health  Approached to Human Life Style Methods
12. Journalism   Freelance Journalism – IV Magazine and Photo Journalism
13. Mathematics Lattice Theory Quantitative Aptitude
14. Statistics  Basic Statistics – I Basic Statistics -II
15. Microbiology  Microbiology  Human Health Contagious Diseases & Immunization
16. Physics Transmission and Communication System Alternate Energy Source
17. Zoology   Health and Wellness Clinical Science




S.No. Name of the Dept. II  Semester IV semester
1. M.Sc(Chemistry) Molecules of life Organo Mettallics   & Bio – Inorganic Chemistry
2. M.Sc(Computer Science ) Internet & E-Commerce ICT Skills
Web Design & Development Algorithmic Approaches
3. M.Sc (Mathematics) Elements of Graph Theory Techniques of counting
4. MBA Personal Effectiveness Healthcare



Each Generic Elective syllabus is framed for 30 hours. The students’ performance is evaluated for 50 marks, 20 marks for Internal Assessment and 30 marks for External Semester Examination. Each Inter Disciplinary Elective (Generic Elective) has a weightage of two credits. A student is free to choose more than the required Generic Elective courses to earn extra credits. It is mandatory for all students to have minimum 75 % attendance and better than F grade to earn a credit. It is mandatory for a student to complete Generic Elective course in the same Semester. In case a student is unable to complete these Generic Elective courses due to a valid reason, she has to complete it in the next Semester failing which she has to register afresh for a  Generic Elective Course.  The students should choose the Generic Elective subjects from the suggested pool of provisional list which given in the above table other than their core subjects.