Skills Enhancement Course (SEC)-UG

S.No. Name of the Dept. III semester IV semester V semester VI semester  
1. BBA Communication For Business –I CommunicationFor Business –II Personality Development Entrepreneurial Development
2. Botany Mushroom cultivation Vermicomposting Biofertilizers Canning  And Food Preservation
3. Biotechnology Genetic Counseling Clinical Biochemistry  Techniques in Biological Research Microbial and chemical contamination of water
4. Business Mgmt(UG) Human Computer Interaction Rural Marketing Cyber crime Stock Exchange
5. Chemistry Fuel Chemistry Chemistry of Cosmetics & Perfumes Green Methods in Chemistry Chemical Technology & Society
6. CommerceB.Com (Gen) & C.S Principles of Insurance Practice of Life Insurance Practice of General Insurance Regulations of General Insurance
7. Computer Science GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) Search Engine OptimizationComputer Graphics Python 1Computer Organization Python 1Information Security
Multi Media System And Applications Computer Graphics Computer Organization Information Security
8. English   Modern Classics in Translation Writing for Digital Media Communication Skills in English Theatre Arts
9. Electronics Electronic Components & Devices Electrical Circuits and Network Skills Basic Power of Electronics Microwave Devices
10. Forensic Science Poisoning Biometrics Alcohol and Tobacco Criminal Psychology
11. Food & Nutrition Bakery Food Service Management Skills Quantity Food Production Skill Patient Counseling Techniques and skills
12. Journalism Advertising **** ****
13. Mathematics Logic & Sets,Theory of Equations  Transportation & Game TheoryNumber Theory Mathematical ModelingDiscrete Mathematics Boolean AlgebraGraph Theory
 Statistics Design of Questionnaire Computation using MS.Excel Statistical Computation using C programming Statistical Computation using  SPSS
14. Micro Biology Hematology Food Adultration Food Processing Hospital waste Management
15. Physics Acoustical Measurement & Building Acoustics Domestic Appliances, Maintenance and their repairs Electrical Circuit Skills Astrophysics
16. Zoology  Apiculture Aquarium Fish Keeping Medical Diagnostics Applied and Economic Zoology


S.No. Name of the Dept. I Semester III semester
M.Sc(Chemistry) Basic Analytical Chemistry Intellectual Property Rights
M.Sc(Computer Science ) Software Testing Information SystemsComputer Graphics
Digital Imaging
M.Sc (Mathematics) Classical Mechanics Hankel and Melin Transforms
MBA Business Communication – I Business Communication –II

 Each undergraduate student is expected to complete a minimum of four Skill Enhancement Courses in Semesters  III IV, V and VI (Minimum one Skill Enhancement Course in each Semester). Each Postgraduate student is expected to complete a minimum of two Skill Enhancement Elective courses in semesters I & III. A student is free to choose more than one Skill Enhancement course, in excess of one compulsory Skill Enhancement Course in a Semester to earn extra credits. Therefore if any student opts for more than one Skill Enhancement Course she will be awarded a credit for that course. A certificate will be issued for the same. The students’ performance in Skill Enhancement Courses is evaluated by the concerned teacher for 50 marks (20 marks for Internal Assessment and 30 marks for External examination), at the end of instruction.  It is mandatory for all students to have 75% attendance, and better than F grade to earn a credit. The credit(s) earned on Skill Enhancement  Courses, however, will not be added in the calculation of SGPA / CGPA.)