Media Centre

The College has a media centre, under the aegis of the Dept of Journalism.

The Media Centre acts as the nodal point for collecting from and disseminating news to the stakeholders.

The role of the centre is as follows:

  • To be single point contact for the media to receive public information from the college
  • To collect all the news of the events in the college.
  • To archive the media coverage of the college¬† activities/events/notifications
  • To film important events, both indoor and outdoor.

Member of the Committee:

  1. Dr. M. Surekha Reddy, Principal
  2. Ms. P. Vijaya, Coordinator, IQAC
  3. Dr. R. Bindu, Faculty, Dept. of Business Management
  4. Ms. Sumithra Jaiswal, Faculty,  Dept. of English
  5. Ms. Anuardha Medha, Faculty, Dept. of Journalism