Quality Circle is a concept applied in Total Management by organizations. It comprises of a group of employees who discuss & evolve ideas for continuous improvement.

Student Quality Circle is evolved out of this concept. It comprises of representatives from each section of every discipline. It brings students from diverse disciplines to share, discuss and deliberate on issues and ideas for quality sustenance and enhancement.

The SQC has been established on 14th September 2015.


The SQC has been established with the aim of involving students who are the primary stakeholders in Quality sustenance and enhancement of the Institution.

The Objectives of SQC are:

  • To meet periodically to discuss areas for improvements and development of students.
  • To motivate students to plan participate in various activities, towards holistic development.
  • To create awareness on quality issues and elicit participation and involvement in quality initiatives of the College.


The SQC is formed comprising of student council members, Class representatives/ any two to three members from each program combination. The SQC meets once in every month.

The SQC members are involved in monitoring quality in specified areas and evolved solutions and ideas to enhance quality.

The SQC meetings discussed wide range of issues and brainstormed to generate ideas for improvement.

Student Activities:

  • Sonch Club”, students sharing their views on contemporary issues.

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  • Quiz on General issues


  • Student sharing her views on “Not to believe the fake news”.


  • “Wellness Campaign”, a rally by students for the cleanliness of the campus in the college.

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  • Juveria Tabassum, Ms.Jasmine and Ms.Syeda Mahveen Sana , the members of SQC has given the introduction about the SQC and the activities done by it to the first year students on the Induction Day, inspiring them to join the club and do the activities.
    • Students sharing their problems in the meeting and also the activities they can do for the enrichment of the college.

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  • Students participating in the “Book Review” session.


  • Tasleem Fathima BSc MSCs, III Year  Won  2nd Prize in E-Poster  at National Level Competition commemorating National Science Day-2021  Conducted  by J.B.A.S College for  Women,Tamilnadu.
  • Nazia  Fatima BSc,FNZC I Year Won 3rd Prize in Power Point Presentation at National Youth Festival-2021Conducted by Vande Maataram Youth Wing of Satya Vidya Peetham.