Dr. K. Sarada

 From the Principal’s Desk

नहि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते ৷

[Bhagavad Gita – IV-38]

Verily, there is nothing more sacred and pure in this world than knowledge!

It is indeed an honour and privilege and at the same time an onerous responsibility cast on me on assuming charge as the Principal of our beloved College, which ranks among the best in Telangana in educating women especially those hailing from rural and economically weaker sections of the society.

My association with this wonderful college goes to a period much before my joining as a part-time lecturer in the year 1986. I have very fond memories of the college as a child when I used to accompany my mother, who was lecturer in Sanskrit, in the mid-1960sand play in the gardens here.

This is also a solemn occasion for me to express my gratitude to all my seniors in the college under whose guidance and with whose blessings I am bestowed with this opportunity to serve the institution as principal.

We see all around us that the current trends defining our existence are societal volatility, technological overdependence and economic compulsions. However, Life is much more vast and complex, and it has a momentum of its own like a perennial river, defined by ethical values, cultural milieu and holistic perception. Therefore, there is an imperative necessity to integrate living and life. This I think should be the primary objective and continuing endeavour of an educator.

It is important that our students imbibe the spirit of our great founders and the best tribute they can pay would be in learning not only subject knowledge and skills for a better living but the true wisdom of leading a happy and fulfilling life.

We as educators, working for this prestigious college, have the great privilege and responsibility of imparting both knowledge for living and the wisdom of life and help building future humanity for a better world.

The three guiding principles for leading a purposeful, successful and enriching life are:

Integrity: Unity of thought, word and deed is what integrity is all about. This brings about a refinement in our personality and character and at the same time instils in all with whom we come in contact a sense of trust and confidence, leading to a harmonious interaction for mutual benefit.

Commitment: Putting our mind, heart and soul into whatever we do is what commitment means. This helps us in developing the qualities of industry and perseverance and to be a role model for the students.

Empowerment: Women have always had the unique distinction and rare opportunity of sustaining familial bonds, nurturing children and preserving social and cultural values. Education is the key for women empowerment which would give them due recognition and thereby conferring on them greater role in decision-making, economic independence, social equality and equity, leading to a true societal transformation.

Let us all, the staff and students, pledge to live and uphold these principles in imparting knowledge, carry that sacredness in our hearts and imbibe purity in our lives.