Minor Research Projects SPONSORED BY UGC

Name of Principal Investigator Duration of project Name of the research project Amount Sanctioned(Rs.) Amount received (Rs.) Year of sanction Department of recipient
Dr.B.Anupama 2 Years Synthesis, Characterization, DNA binding, cleavage and antimicrobial studies of mixed ligand complexes of  4-aminoantipyrine Schiff bases” Rs 4,10,000 Rs 4,03,275 2014



Dr.K.Sarada 2 Years Study of Translation Planes , Construction Techniques and Collineation  Groups                            Rs.1,65,000  Rs.1,40,000 2015 Mathematics
V.Jhansi Rani 2 Years Generalised Metric Spaces And Fixed Point Theorems Rs.2,05,000 Rs.1,70,000 2015 Mathematics
C.Sunitha 2 Years Perfect Numbers and Quasi Perfect Numbers Rs.1,95,000 Rs.1,65,000 2015 Mathematics
G.Vijaya Lakshmi 2 Years Compatibility and Fixed Point Theorems Rs.2,00,000 Rs.1,60,000 2015 Mathematics
T.Vani Madhavi 2 Years The Advantages of Statistics in Business Development and Economic Growth. Rs.1,35,000 Rs.1,20,000 2015 Mathematics
Dr Sumitra Jaiswal 2 Years University Grants Commission SERO on Erotic Mysticism in Robert Frost’s Early Poetry Rs 70,000 Rs 70,000 2012 English
Prof. Renuka Sagar 2 Years Women in Higher Education Management Rs.1,20,000 Rs 70,000 2014 Business Management
Dr.Bindu 2 Years A Study on Financial Literacy levels and perceived risk attitude among women investors in Hyderabad Rs. 1,45,000 Rs. 85,000 2014 Business Management
Ms.P.Vijaya 2 Years Green Marketing a comparative study of public and private  companies Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 72,500 2014 Business Management
C.Kavitha 2 Years A study on stress Management among women employer in IT sector in Hyderabad Rs. 2,00,000 Rs.1,55,000 2016 Business Management