UGC Minor Research Projects

Five Minor Research projects are granted by the UGC during 2015-17 to the DepartmentOrder number F.NO:4-4/2014-159MRP-SEM/UGC-SERO)


 S.No Principal Investigator Project Title Proposal number Amount
1 Dr.K.Sarada Study of Translation Planes , Construction Techniques and Collineation  Groups                          724 Rs.1,65,000
2 V.Jhansi Rani Generalised Metric Spaces And Fixed Point Theorems 1113 Rs.2,05,000
3 C.Sunitha Perfect Numbers and Quasi Perfect Numbers 1237 Rs.1,95,000
4 G.Vijaya Lakshmi Compatibility and Fixed Point Theorems 112 Rs.2,00,000
5 T.Vani Madhavi The Advantages of Statistics in Business Development and Economic Growth. 1055 Rs.1,35,000