Placement Report


Placement Cell:

Placement Cell gives students the opportunity to gain skills specific to their subject or industry of choice as well as the employability skills required for real-life work. It also increases their knowledge of an industry or sector, allowing them to make better informed decisions about future career choices.

Placement cell also generates increased understanding and awareness about the world of work, accelerated personal maturity, self-awareness and ability to articulate skills and achievements among students.

From the student perspective, high quality placements would bring a range of benefits and positive impacts. There is strong evidence to suggest that placements are extremely valuable to students for their employability skills.

 Placements Cell Report:

The year 2017 -18 has been a landmark year for Reddy Women’s College placements for the students. As many as 314 students got placed in various reputed companies. Several students got the opportunity to do their internship in multinational companies. The placement cell is actively engaged in bringing top companies to its campus and thus contributing to the talented human resource pool besides honing their skills and ensuring that they progress well.

  1. Placements Cell started its activities for the academic year 2017 – 18 with a 5 day career guidance workshop on Interview skills for both UG & PG students by TIME Institute from July 2427, 2017.


  1. The Placement cell organized a workshop on “Civil Services” .The speaker was Sri Satyanarayana, Retd Additional Commissioner for U.G and P.G students on August 2, 2017


  1. Placement Cell conducted a Workshop “ Life Coach” on January 23, 2018 for all the UG & PG students by an eminent National level Motivational Speaker – Abhishek Sannidi with an objective of inculcating the spirit of positive thinking and Self motivation among students. It was very well received by the college students.


In the year 2017 – 18,  275 placements had taken place for both  UG and PG students  in the top multinational companies like Visionary RCM, SDS Pathology,  CAPGEMINI, IKS Health Care, Elico Health Care, GENPACT, TCS, WIPRO & FACTSET.


S.NO Company Campus Drive Date Stream No.Of Selects CTC
1 VISIONARY RCM 14th Oct’17 UG – Bsc 17 1.6 LPA
2 CAPGEMINI 9th Nov’17 UG – Bsc 1 2.1 LPA
3 IKS Health Care 4th Dec’17 UG 5 1.9 LPA
4 TBSS – HR Internship 23rd Nov’17 UG – BBM 1 FREE
5 IMARKS – Digital Marketing Internship 23rd Nov’17 UG – BBM 4 FREE
6 Manpower – HR Internship 23rd Nov’17 UG – BBM 3 FREE
7 SDS Pathology 8th Dec’17 UG – BSc (Life Sciences) 80 96K PA + Monthly Insentives
8 Elico Health Care 9th Dec’17 UG 70 1.8 LPA
9 GENPACT 21st Dec’17 UG 4 1.3 LPA – 1.5 LPA
10 TCS – BPS 8th Jan’18 UG – B.Com & BBM 49 1.6 LPA – 1.9 LPA
11 WIPRO 20th Feb’18 UG – 4 10.26 LPA
12 WIPRO 20th Feb’18 UG – B.Com & BBM 8 1.8 LPA
13 FACTSET 22nd Feb’18 UG – 11 2.27 LPA
14 Manpower – HR Internship 7th Mar’18 UG – BBA 8 FREE
15 IMARKS – Digital Marketing Internship 7th Mar’18 UG – BBA 1 FREE
16 VLCC 28th Feb’18 UG – (FNBC) 8 1.3 LPA – 3LPA
17 TBSS – HR Internship 21st Mar’18 UG – BBA 4 FREE
18 KARVY – Finance Internship 17tH Mar’18 UG – BBA 11 FREE



S.NO Company Campus Drive Date Stream No.Of Selects Shortlist
1 VISIONARY RCM 14th Oct’17 MSC – Chemistry 5 1.6 LPA
2 GENPACT 21st Dec’17 MBA 2 1.3 LPA – 1.5 LPA
3 FACTSET 22nd Feb’18 MBA – Finance 11 2.27 LPA
4 MovingDneedle 7th Mar’18 MBA – Marketing 4 1.2 LPA
5 Stratagem 10th Mar’18 Business Manager 2 4.8 LPA
6 Cognizant 20th Mar’18 MBA 4 2.16 LPA
7 S & P Global 7th April’18 MBA-Finance 4 —-
8 Dupont 20th Mar’18 MBA 3 —-


Some of the highlights are:

  1. 22 students got selected for  FACTSET, the company is  reputed as world’s number one Financial Research company as  top International Banks, investment advisors, financial advisors depend on their Financial Data.
  2. 12 students student’s got selected for Wipro among them 4 students . 1. S. Pravalka Reddy – MECs, 2. N Jashvani – MECs, 3. G Sruthilaya – MECs, 4. Gayathri Rajan  secured the sponsorship for their  M.Tech.  These students  will get the sponsorship from  BITS Pilani with  a stipend for 4 years and after completion of 4th year they would be directly earning a salary of 10.26 Lacs per Annum. And these girls can work from any part of the world in locations wherever WIPRO has its office.

PLA6                   PLA7            PLA8               PLA9
G Sruthilaya – MEC’s      Gayathri Rajan-MSC’s   N Jashvani – MEC’s     S. Pravalka Reddy –MEC’s


  1. 22 Students were selected by Visionary RCM on October 14, 2017.

4.70 students were  Selected  by  Elico on December 19, 2017


  1. 49 students were Selected by TSC on 8th Jan’18


6.12 students were Selected by Wipro on 20th Feb’18


7.22 students were selected by FACTSET on February 22, 2018.