Maths & Statistics Lab

Maths and Stats Labs

  • Mathematics Lab:
    The Innovative program of Practicals in Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics started in the year 2005-06 with the idea of making use of Information Technology in teaching Mathematics.
  • Our college is the first college in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to introduce practicals in Mathematics using software Mathematica at under graduate level.
  • The goal of practicals in Mathematics is to help students learn how to use Mathematica to solve problems arising in their fields of study such as Mathematics, Physics and Computers
  • Mathematics Laboratory
  • Department established a Mathematics Laboratory with 65 computers.
  • 30 systems are equipped with MATHEMATICA software.
  • Department designed Mathematica Syllabus.
  • Prepared practical manuals for all the 3 years of B.Sc. course.
  • Many software packages are available now a day that help to solve mathematical problems.
  • Some of them are Matlab, Reduce, Macsyma and Scratchpad. Such packages are useful not only to mathematicians but also to scientists, engineers, researchers, teachers and students. One such software package is Mathematica.

About Mathematica

  • Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, who is a well – known scientist. He is widely regarded as the most important innovator in technical computing today, as well as one of the world’s most original research scientists.
  • Professor of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois-Wolfram launched Wolfram Research, Inc. Wolfram began the development of Mathematica in late 1986.
  • The first version of Mathematica was released on June 23, 1988.
  • Mathematica is the world’s only fully integrated environment for technical computing.
    The largest pad of Mathematica’s user community consists of technical professionals. But Mathematica is also heavily used in education, and there are now many hundreds of courses—from high school to graduate school.
  • The diversity of Mathematica’s user base is striking. It spans all continents, ages from below ten up, and includes for example artists, composers, linguists and lawyers. There are also many hobbyists from all walks of life who use Mathematica to further their interests in science, mathematics and computing.
  • Visualization in Mathematica helps to explain abstract concepts
  • Differential equations of higher order are solved easily.


Maths Lab

No. of Systems:  26

No. of LCD projector: 1

No. of Printers: 2

No. of Systems in the Department

No. of systems: 3

No. of printers: 2 – one Canon all in one Printer and An Epson Color Printer

No. of Systems with Software

Mathematica: 15

MATLAB: 5 (in M.Sc. Mathematics Lab)

UPS to backup power shortage.

Statistics Lab:

Statistics lab is well equipped with 22 computers loaded with MINITAB –MS-EXCEL and TORA softwares.

No. of Systems:  22

No. of LCD projectors: 1

No. of Printers: 2 – one DeskJet color printer and one Dot-matrix printer.

No. of Systems with Software


TORA: 11