The Department of Journalism introduced during the academic year 2014-15 as one of the combinations offered under B. A. along with Modern Language (ELL) and History as ML. H. J.

This course aims to provide a firm foundation for the students in the fields of Print Journalism, perfectly designed to train the students with theory accompanied by the practical sessions. After the completion of the course the students can either directly get into Media or can go for higher studies.

As part of practical assignments students are encouraged to report on the events organised by the college by various departments and edit them into a clean copy giving the story a structure and headline. The course offers papers on Reporting, Editing, Online Journalism/Web Journalism, Media Laws and Ethics and Development communication, apart from these papers the course even offers Add-on papers is aimed at going beyond the confines of print journalism and exploring avenues in Advertising, Public Relations and Magazine & Photo Journalism.

Students are required to learn editing software like QuarkXPress which is a page design &layout software. Depending on the requirement classroom teaching is augmented with Industry experts, Professors from University for guest Lectures. Student presentations in class are also part of the curriculum encouraging students to overcome the stage fear and improve their presentation skills.