FDP Programme  Date Topic Resource Person
 1  3-6-2016

11:30 AM



Vyakthithva vikasam

 Dr.Kamalakar Sharma

Dept of Telugu ,O.U

 2  4-6-2016

11:30 AM

 Emotional Competency and Maturity  Dr.P.Veeraja Rao

Dept of Psycology,O.U

 3  6-6-2016

11:30 AM


 Motivation and Team Building and the Impact of Mentoring  Ms.Kiran Rathore

Clinical Psychologist

 4  7-6-2016

11:30 AM


 1.      Transformation in               Education

2.   Mindset for Excellence

 1.      Prof  IB Rama Prasad Rao

2.      Dr.Vivek Modi

         Dept of Library Science,O.U


 5  8-6-2016

11:30 AM


 1.      Art of Being Well

2.      Becoming a Better Teacher

 1.      Prof  K. Muthyam    Reddy

2.      Prof V.Vishwanatham

Dept. of Commerce ,O.U


 6  9-6-2016

11:30 AM

 1.      CBCS, Add 0n and IDE Courses

2.      Some Key Skills for Excellence in Teaching

1.      Prof  P.S.N Reddy              O.U (Retired)


       2.   Prof  Sumitha Roy

Head Dept of English,O.U

Workshop on “ Research Methodology, Publications
7 7/11/2014  Journal And Publications Dr. Achala, Associate Prof. Dept of Library , OU
8 19/11/2014 Selecting Projects Ideas P. RadhaKrishna , Senior Scientist, IICT
9 12/09/2014 “Innovations in Teaching Methodology” Prof. Mrunalini, IASE, Dept of Education , OU
10 5/11/2014 Communication Skills for Professional Excellence Prof. Mohanraj, EFLU
11 25/3/2015 1.  “Team Skills”2. “Effective Mentoring Prof. Beena , Dept of Psychology, OUCoordinator Sahayam Counselling Center
12 15th–17th Nov 2018 “Algebra, Analysis, SAGE Software and Introduction to Data Science with Python” 1.Prof. Gadhadar Misra, Chairman, Indian Institute of Science(IISc)
2. Prof Parameshwaran Shankaran, Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai
3.PVN Balarama Murthy,Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
4.Dr Ajith Kumar, ICT, Mumbai
5.Dr C. Goverdhan, Department of Mathematics, Osmania University