Extension Activities

Report on field trip (ICAR-IIOR).

As a part of Industrial tour/Field Trip Dept of Biotechnology have taken the students of Bt.C.Fs I and II year to ICAR-IIOR (Indian Institute of Oilseeds and Research- Indian council for agricultural Research), 16th Febuary 2019. There the students  were explained about Latest Techniques in tissue culture and Molecular biology by the Plant tissue culture Scientist  Dr.Kumarasamy r and Principle Scientist  Dr.Dinesh kumar . Students  have also learnt about the  process of media preparation, culturing, inoculation, etc. They were  also given a brief idea about genetically modified plants and have gained practical knowledge by those experiments done by the scientists which improved their knowledge. The institute has also permitted the students and staff to visit  fields of oil seeds (experimental plants) like  sunflower, groundnut. Castor, sesame seeds.and  also have seen in-house effect on castor seeds in the greenhouse. This field trip enhanced students  knowledge in the field of research.

Principle Scientist Dr. Dinesh Kumar Enlighting the students about latest techniques and research in the field of Biotechnology

Dr. KumaraSwamy Scientist in Plant Tissue Culture Explaining Students about Tissue Culture Techniques

Dr. Alivelu gave a brief introduction about ICAR-IIOR in The Museum

Students in Groundnut Field

REPORT  On “Five Days Workshop on  “Hands on Training in Plant Tissue Culture”

The Department of Biotechnology  had organized a Five Days Workshop on  “Hands on Training in Plant Tissue Culture”. From 7th January 2019 to 11th January 2019 for the Final year B.Sc Bt.C Fs (Biotechnology,Forensic Science and Chemistry) at AGRIBIOTECH FOUNDATION Rajendranagar Hyd, (20 students have attended the training program ) The main aim and Objective of the workshop was  intended to teach basic tissue culture techniques and applications of tissue culture. Students have gained practical knowledge  in the preparation of plant  tissue culture media, sterilization,development of callus from explants, shoots and roots from callus hardening of the plnts in the green house  and other various latest techniques involved in plant  tissue culture. Certificates were also given to the students after the program.

Students getting trained at Agri Biotech Foundation Rajendra nagar Hyd.


To spread awareness about the cancer, Department of Biotechnology have organised an awareness program on Feb 4, 2019. Under the guidance of the Head Department of Biotechnology  Dr.Nanda Devi and Assistant Professor Ms. M Nagarani the students explained about the types of cancers, causes of cancer, preventive measures and also about the use of natural ingredients instead of using pain killers and drugs to cease the pain. Students from first, second and final year actively gave presentations by the means of poster making and vegetable carvings in order to spread awareness among the students and staff members. Students of Biotechnology interacted with the students of other background and explained them about the pros and cons of the products and the medicine they use. The programme was successfully carried by the visit of secretary cum correspondent Prof.Sudhershan Reddy sir, Principal Dr. K. Sharada and Vice Principal Dr. J. Achyutha Devi, HMVS Secretary Prof. Muthyam Reddy and all the staff and students.

Students of first year Bt.C.Fs gave presentation on Brain cancer, Gastric cancer, Renal cancer, Brest Cancer and Testicular cancer. The main motive was to spread awareness to as many people as possible so first year students visited Government schools and interacted with the students and have spread awareness.

Students of second year Bt.C.Fs gave presentation on Eye cancer, Bone cancer, Kidney cancer, skin cancer, Cervical cancer, Lung cancer, Blood cancer, Oral cancer and Sinus cancer. They also gave an enthusiastic presentation by the means of Yoga and exercises by visiting nearby apartments.  Followed by it, second year students visited slum areas andexplained them about the types, causes and preventive measures of cancer. People living in slum areas came up with their doubts and the doubts were enthusiastically cleared by the students

Final year students gave presentation on foods which prevent cancer, recent advances, Immune response to cancer cells and also on mechanism behind cancer cell growth.

The final year students visited the places near YMCA and petrol pump and have spread awareness through campaign.

The motive of organising world cancer day was successful and came to an end by observing beautiful smiles on several faces after getting educated about cancer and knowing people suffering from cancer can survive (we can-cer vive) .

The people after knowing about the preventive measures and causes of cancer took a step ahead to spread more awareness about it and help people fight against the dreadful disease cancer.

The program ended successfully with several good complements and excellent feedback.


A two-day workshop was organised on the techniques in molecular biology by the department of biotechnology in collaboration with IIT Madras for the final year students of biotechnology on 26th and 27th July.  The invited resource person Dr. Hema Mohan have thrown light on the topic.

‌            A test was conducted before the session began in order to know how much the students have knowledge about the topic. Students answered few questions. Dr. Hema Mohan then explained in detail about the molecular biology which covered topics such as DNA spooling, agarose gel electrophoresis and isolation of plasmid,PCR. The students interacted and asked several questions and were satisfied when their doubts were clarified. After the theory session practicals were conducted and the students learned how to handle the instruments, how to perform the experiment, preventive measures and applications. After the practical session, students were asked to write test in the same question paper and indeed there was a drastic change. There was an improvement seen in their way if handling instruments and performing experiment. The students gained knowledge about the subject and came to know the scopes of subject.

Five students were selected for a competition in IIT Madras based on their test results and the way they have performed in sessions. The workshop had come to an end by distribution of certificates to all the participants.

  1. Kavya
  2. Tanuja Pravalika
  3. Maheshwar
  4. Chandana
  5. Sai Priya

These are the students selected for final round to be conducted by IIT Madras