Faculty details

No Name Qualification Designation No. of Years of Experience Specialization
1. Ms. M.Suchitra M.A HoD 26 years Commonwealth Literature
2. Dr.Sumitra Jaiswal M.A. M.Phil, PhD, SET Assistant Professor 15 years American Literature
3. Dr.Jhilam Chattaraj M.A, M.Phil, PhD, NET Assistant Professor 4 years Indian Diaspora Literature, Popular Culture, Popular Indian Fiction
4. Dr.Bhagavathi Darbha MAEnglish,M.Phil,PhD,PGCTE,PGDTE Assistant Professor 11 years Indian English
5. Dr Y. Jayanthi MA English, PhD, PGDTE Assistant Professor 15 years Indian English
6. Ms. Mercy Rani MA English Assistant Professor 15 years Indian English
7. Ms Anupama.K MA English Assistant Professor 2 years Indian English Writing
8. Ms Syeda AmrozMehdi MA English, M.ED Assistant Professor 4 Years Feminist Literature
9. Ms. m. R. Pranitha MA English Assistant Professor 2 years Feminist
10. Ms Neha Jaiswal MA English,B.Ed Assistant Professor 2 years British Literature
11. Ms Sandhya B.Com Computer Programmer 1 year
12. Ms Ruth Kezia M.A, French Assistant Professor, French 4 years Culture and Intercultural perspectives of teaching French as foreign language