Faculty details

Name Qualification No. of Years of Experience Specialization Biometric Id
Ms. Grace Sudhir M.A. 31 years Indian Writing in English 6
Ms. M.Suchitra M.A 25 years Commonwealth Literature 91
Dr.Sumitra Jaiswal M.A. M.Phil, PhD 15 years American Literature 92
Ms.M.Pushpa Reddy M.A 23 years Indian Writing in English 93
Dr.Jhilam Chattaraj M.A, M.Phil, PhD, NET 3 year Indian Diaspora Literature, Popular Culture, Popular Indian Fiction 94
Ms. D. Pankaja M.A,PGDTE 21 years Indian Writing in English 273
Ms Parnitha Martand MA English, SET, B.Ed 3 years Indian English Literature, Women’s Writing 274
Ms Anupama.K MA English 2 year Indian English Writing 275
Ms Syeda AmrozMehdi MA English, M.ED 16 months Feminist Literature 280