Code of Ethics for Research


Narayanaguda, Hyderabad


Code of Ethics for Research

The code of ethics in research aims at upholding the highest levels of integrity and values in the research activities undertaken by the institution:

  • To pursue original research and prevent any plagiarism, falsification or misrepresentation of data.
  • Each author of any publication shall respect
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Copyright Law
  • Each author of any publication shall desist from
  • Verbatim or near verbatim copying without quotation marks, unethical paraphrasing, reproduction of data, illustrations, etc., without clearly indicating the source ( other than commonly accessed knowledge).
  • Each author of any publication shall
    • Adhere to the ethical code of research
  • Researchers shall promote and honour the rights, dignity, of all the stake holders and research participants.
  • To conduct research with informed consent and freedom of consent of the research participants.
  • To protect confidential Information, such as Data, Papers or Financial information collected for publication, personnel records, etc.
  • To adhere to the Governmental policies, relevant laws and institutional rules and regulations.