1. Centre for Digital Literacy – Ms. Vamshi Mohana Reddy, Head, Dept. of Computer Science
  2. Centre for Financial Literacy – Dr. Bindu, Faculty, Dept. of Business Management
  3. Centre for Health and Nutrition – Dept. of Botany



1. Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

      • P. Vijaya, Coordinator, IQAC – Convenor
      • Jhansilakshmi, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry – Member
      • Nisha Mathur, Faculty, Dept. of BBM – Member

2. SAHITA- Psychological Counselling Center

      • P. Vijaya

3. Women Empowerment Cell


4. Placement and Career Guidance Cell

      • Samyukta, Placement Officer

5. Equal Opportunity Cell

      • Salomi, Dept. of Commerce

6. Grievance Redressal  Cell

      • M. Surekha Reddy, Principal                                             -Chairperson
      • K. Sarada, Head, Department of Mathematics             -Member
      • V. Jhansi Rani, Faculty, Department of Mathematics   -Member
      • Anuradha Nirmal Kumar, Physical Director                  – Member
      • Juveria, Student    – Member

7. ICC

    • J. Achyutha Devi , Faculty, Department of Zoology        -Convenor
    • Sindhuri, Faculty, Department of Commerce                 -Member
    • P. Jhansilakshmi, Faculty, Department of Chemistry     -Member
    • Ajay, Star NGO                                                                      -Member