Research Policy


Narayanaguda, Hyderabad.



Research policy of the College aims at motivating teachers to take up research, published papers, attend seminars, etc. To encourage the teachers, the College management has made budget provision for Financial support.

The Guidelines for extending financial assistance to the faculty members of the college who intend to pursue research leading to Ph.D degree or doing post-doctoral research work and others.

(a)       Registration for Ph.D:  Any fee (not the course fee) payable towards registering for Ph D degree of a recognized university, subject to a maximum of Rs.2000/-

(b)      Material support: Cost towards purchase of consumables, minor equipment, data collection and spectra, subject to a maximum of Rs 10,000/-

(c)       Publications: Cost incurred towards any  material for publishing scientific papers / articles in refereed journals, reviews, manuals, books etc, subject to a maximum of Rs. 2000/- per paper / review / article /manual and Rs. 5000/- for a book.

(d)      Submission of thesis: Cost incurred towards preparation of the thesis for the award of PhD degree, subject to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/-

(e)       Library/Institutional Membership: Membership fee in Libraries and Research Institutions or bodies, provided that such membership helps in collection of data / reference work etc. and subject to a maximum of Rs. 2000/-

(f)       Preparing a proposal for  MRP’s: Cost incurred for preparing Major / Minor Research Project proposal  for submission to UGC /other Funding Agencies, subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/-

(g)      Paper Presentations at Seminar / Symposia: Registration fee for presentation of papers in person at Conferences/Seminars/Symposia, subject to a maximum of      Rs. 2,000/-. Papers submitted in absentia are not eligible for any financial assistance.

(h)      The faculty who have been appointed by a duly constituted selection committee are only eligible for the above financial assistance.

(i)        A faculty member may apply for financial assistance to one or more of the above items, but the total assistance to a single faculty shall not exceed Rs. 20,000/-

(j)        Financial assistance for research may be granted based on the recommendations of an external committee / subject expert, constituted for the purpose by the college. The IQAC may determine the modalities and mechanism of this process.

(k)      The total research fund of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two lakhs) for the academic year may be apportioned @ Rs. 50,000/- per quarter, and the applications received may be processed once in a quarter.

(l)        Every faculty member who availed the financial assistance for research must acknowledge the college while publishing the work for which the assistance is given.