Examination Branch


The New Education policy of the UGC in 1984 promoted the concept of Autonomous Colleges in India for the first time. Under this policy, our College conferred the autonomous status in 1989. As per the pre-requisites to autonomy, the Examination Branch is established. The College is affiliated to Osmania University. It is recognized as a Degree College under 2(f) and 12(B) by UGC in 1962. The Autonomous status has been renewed since then.

The Examination Branch is headed by a Controller of Examinations. It works with the help of Additional Controllers, Computer Programmers, Office Assistants, and Data Entry Operators and other helpers.

The Examination Branch conducts the Examinations, declares the results and issues the relevant certificates to the student. It also maintains personal and academic record of all the students admitted to various courses. The Examination Branch carries its activities keeping in view the guidelines recommended by UGC/Osmania University from time to time. The Students are governed by the rules and regulations framed by the Examination Branch of this College.

The College has introduced Semester system as per the guidelines of the UGC from the academic year 2001-2002.

Choice Base Credit System (CBCS) is introduced by the College from the academic year 2012-2013 for both Undergraduates and Postgraduates.

At time of inception of autonomy, the college of offering 4 Undergraduate programs in Telugu and English medium with 16subject combinations along with Certificate Courses and Add-on Courses.

At present the College is offering 4 postgraduate and 4 undergraduate programs with 14 subject combinations, along with one P.G Diploma, two Certificate Courses and 44 Add-on Courses and 44 IDE Courses. The Examination Branchofthe College conducts the semester-end examinations in the College.

The Examination Branch is totally computerized since 1990. The first computerized Memo was released by the Branch in the year 1991. The first Software was installed in the year 1992.

The Scheme of Examination was year wise in 1989 for a maximum of 100 marks.In the year 1990, the Scheme of Examination was divided into internal and externalexamination under the ratio 30:70. The time duration for external Examination was 2 ½ hours and Practical Examination was for3 hours conducted once in a year.

After Semester system was introduced, Semester Examinations were conducted twice a year i.e. in November and April,under the ratio 30:70. A student should obtain minimum 36% in each paper to qualify a general pass.

At present under CBCS the Semester Examinations are conducted under the ratio 40:60. 40% of marks are allotted for internal examination and 60% is allotted for External examinations for both Theory & Practical. The duration of time for theory semester exam is 2 hours and practical exam is for 3 hours.

A Candidate should qualify a minimum of 40% in each theory papers and 50% in each for practical papers to qualify a general pass.

From the time of autonomy the division is awarded for Part I in IV Semester, only, if a candidates passes in Semesters I, II, III, & IV papers of English and Second Language. At the end of VI Semester division is awarded for Part II consisting of Optional Subjects.

Semester and Consolidated Memorandum of Marks is issued by the Examination Branch. Under CBCS, the Memorandum of Marks /Grade Report is issued at the end of each semester to the student reflecting the marks, credits and grade letter in each paper following heads as:

  • Part I – English and Second languages
  • Part II– Optional Subjects
  • Part III-Add-on & IDE Courses, NSS/NCC/Sports/Certified       Voluntary work.
  • Part IV-Value Education, Indian Heritage &Culture, Environment Science.

Marks of Additional subjects will not be considered for the award of Division.

Promotion Rule is applied only on Semester II and Semester IV .

A candidate must earn 50% of the total credits to promote from Semester II to Semester III and 65% of total no of credits to promote from Semester IV to Semester V.

Division is awarded based on total marks secured and not on CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average).


Controller of Examinations – Ms. M. Suchitra
Additional Controller –          Ms. T. Vani Madhavi
Additional Controller –          Ms. K. Swapna


Ms. Rajini (Head)

Ms. T. R. Vidya Kumari

Ms. P. Shailaja

Ms. Shanaaz

Office Staff:

Mr. M. Madhava Reddy        –      Office Assistant

Ms.B. Varalaxmi                    –       Senior Assistant

Ms. K. Vani Sree                    –       Record Assistant

Mr. S. Swaraj Kumar             –       Messenger

Mrs. Swaroopa                      –       Attender


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