S.No Faculty Name Qualifications Experience Specialization Other Responsibilities
1. Dr.M.Surekha Reddy M.Sc PhD 34 Inorganic chemistry Principal & Head, Dept. of Chemistry, Finance committee, Lab fee Committee, Research committee, Anti ragging committee
2. Mrs.M.Vinodini


M.Sc 31 Inorganic chemistry Bus pass Committee, Attendance Committee
3. Dr.V.Jeevana Jyothi M.Sc, NET, Ph.D 16 Organic chemistry Member, News letter Committee & Inhouse Journal Committee, Member, Admission Committee
 4. Mrs.K.Swapna


M.Sc 12 Organic chemistry Addl. Controller, Exam Branch, Anti Ragging Committee
 5. Mrs.G.VijayaLaxmi


M.Sc, B.Ed, SET 7 Analytical Chemistry Member, Cultural Committee
 6. Dr.B.Anupama


M.Sc, NET, Ph.D 22 Organic chemistry Member, IQAC ,Member Seminar & workshop Committee,Member- Self appraisal committee
 7. Mrs.K.Krishnaveni


M.Sc, NET 13 Organic chemistry Member, Gold medal committee
 8. Ms.M.Pallavi M.Sc NET 6 Forensic Science Member, Cultural Committee & Anti ragging committee
 9. Ms.B.Suchitha


M.Sc, B.Ed 6 Organic chemistry Member, Cultural Committee
 10. Ms.K.Prasanna


M.Sc 2.6 Organic chemistry
 11. Dr. P.  Jhansi Lakshmi M.Sc, MPhil, NET, Ph.D 17 Inorganic chemistry Member-Timetable committee

Member-Placement committee

Coordinator-Entrepreneur Development Cell

Member-Seminar and Workshop committee

 12. Ms. D. Sravanthi M.Sc        2 Organic chemistry


 13. Ms.Rekha Rani M.Sc NET 2 Forensic Science Student advisory Committee
 14. Ms.Radha Rani M.Sc,Bed, 13 Organic chemistry
 15. Yasmeen Sultana M.Sc, B.Ed, SET 1 Forensic Science
 16. Mrs.G.Sujatha M.Sc, B.Ed, SET 6 Organic chemistry
 17. Mrs.G.Priyadarshini M.Sc, NET.B.Ed 4 Organic chemistry



S.No Faculty Name Qualifications Specialization Experience
1. Prof. A. Ram Reddy M.Sc Ph.D Organic Chemistry 40


Visiting Faculty:

S.No Faculty Name Qualifications Specialization Experience
1. Dr. T.R.Baggi M.Sc Ph.D Forensic Science 50
2. Prof. Ch. Anjaneyulu M.Sc.Ph.D Physical chemistry 40
3. Prof.P.Srinivas M.Sc.Ph.D Physical chemistry 40
3. Dr.Ramesh M.Sc Physical chemistry 7