Botany and Food & Nutrition


S.No Name Qualification Designations Specialization No. of Years of Experience Biometric  Id
1. Lt.E.M.Sunitha(HOD) M.Sc.SLET.(Ph.D) HoD, Associate Professor Plant Sciences 15.5 yrs 2
2. Mrs.O.Sita Kumari M.Sc, M.Ed Assistant professor Physiology 33 yrs 25
3. Dr.A.Rajani. M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant professor Physiology 14 yrs 26
4. Dr. P. Vani M.Sc, Ph.D, B.Ed Assistant professor Pathology 28 yrs 27
5. Mrs. A.Kavitha M.Sc, B.Ed, (Ph.D) Assistant professor Cytogenetic 12 yrs 253
6. Mrs. Rumila sita ram Kumar M.Sc, B.Ed, PGDHM, (PhD) Assistant professor Nutrition and Dietitics 12 yrs 28
7. Mrs. Hannah Jessie Francis.T M.Sc, PGDHM Assistant professor Nutrition and Dietitics 2 yrs 254