Botany and Food & Nutrition


Name of Faculty member Designation Specialization Experience Academic Profile Other Activities
Lt.E.M.Sunitha HOD Plant Science 15yrs M.Sc,(Ph.D),SLET Time TableĀ  Convenor
Ms.O.SITA KUMARI ASST.PROF Physiology 11 +20yrs M.Sc, M.Ed Internal Examination Convenor , Poor aid fund Convenor
Dr..A.RAJANI ASST.PROF Stress Physiology 14yrs M.Sc, Ph.D Time Table Committee member, Co-Operative Society Member
Dr.P.Vani ASST.PROF Mycology & Plant Pathology 20 +3yr M.Sc, Ph.D, B.Ed Remedial Classes Convenor
Ms.A.Kavitha ASST.PROF Cytogenetics 10+2yr M.Sc, B.Ed, (Ph.D) Admission Committee member, CVW member
Ms.Rumila SitaRam Kumar ASST.PROF Nutrition & Dietetics 11+3yr M.Sc, B.Ed, PGDHM, (Ph.D) Cultural committee member, CVW member
Ms.Hannah Jessie Francis.T ASST.PROF Nutrition & Dietetics 9+3yr M.Sc ,PGDHM Attendance Committee member, Admission Committee member,