Guidelines for attending the online Classes (2020)

Narayanguda, Hyderabad.


Dear Students,
You are aware of the severe limitations imposed by the recent COVID -19 epidemic on social distancing, and for conductingphysical classroom activity. Keeping in view the students’ safety, and to prevent spread of the virus, the Government has,in the past,announced that all educational institutions will remain closed for in-person teaching till further orders. The College, therefore, has resolved to conduct the classes for I, III and V semesters in the academic year 2020-21 by ONLINE MODE ONLY, till it is permitted to function normally as in the past.

The College recommends the following guidelines for attending the online classes, and to derive maximum benefit from the virtual classroom:

(a) Hardware and software requirements:
(i) Any one of the following:
Desktop computer / Laptop / i-pad / kindle / smart phone with wide screen (a device with big screen is preferred).

       (ii) Internet connection with a minimum speed of 1.5 mbps or 1 GB Data connection.

(iii) The app used for conducting the class or Google classroom

(b) Procedure for log-in and during the Virtual Class(room):
(i) Check the link given for your virtual class(room) and enter the virtual class(room) at least  5 minutes in advance,
(ii) Use your name for signing to the virtual class(room),
(iii) Keep the audio and video on ‘mute’ to avoid noise disturbance during the class,
(iv) Use video/audio, whenever required, by clicking ‘Start Video’ and ‘Un-mute’ in the bottom menu. For audio connection, you may choose to connect via the computer or dial-in on your phone,
(v) If you have a question or comment, post it in the chat box which you will find in the bottom menu.Please wait to be acknowledged by the teacher before un-muting,
(vi) Use the chat responsibly for any questions or sharing opinions regarding the class topic. Avoid any other discussion.
(vii) Keep a note-book by your side and write down important points while listening to the class,
(viii) Answer any assessment / feedback form given to you by the teacher at the end of the class,
(ix) When the class is over, leave the class(room) by closing the window.

(c) After the Virtual Class (room):
(i) Read the lesson concerned from the videos / e-resource recommended by the teacher,
(ii) If you have any doubts in the lesson, contact the teacher concerned,via Google classroom/e-Mail/WhatsApp/SMS/Phone,
(iii) If there was any interruption in the net connection during the class, refer to the study material provided and call the teacher concerned for clarifying any doubts.

(d) General information:
(i) Choose a quiet place free from distractions for listening to the lessons,
(ii) Sit erect during the class in an ergonomically comfortable posture,
(iii) Dress formally as if you are attending the class in person,
(iv) Keep a record of the schedule for assessments, tests or any other academic activity in a diary,
(v) Visit the college / department websiteeveryday and read the notice board for any information,
(vi) Call the Head of the Department / Teacher concerned for any help regarding the online classes.