Title:    Student Quality Circle (SQC)

  • Context:   The Students are the most important stakeholders in a Higher Educational Institution. Hence, involvement of the students in any planning or developmental activity assumes importance. This assumes greater significance in the age of information explosion and connectivity, where students are well informed of the developments and are consequently developing greater awareness of their needs and expectations. Taking into cognizance these factors and the importance of Quality Circle in Quality Management, the IQAC has established the Student Quality Circle on 14th September, 2015.
  • Practice:  The SQC is formed comprising of student council members, Class representatives/ any two to three members from each program combination. The SQC meets once in every month. 17 meetings have been held with the SQC members.

The SQC meetings discussed wide range of issues and brainstormed to generate ideas for improvement. Some of the issues discussed are :

  • Inclusion of Project work in curriculum of all undergraduate programs
  • Laboratory Manuals
  • More Practical Oriented teaching and participative methods
  • Formation of clubs such as Quills Literary club, Soch club, Book Review club etc and increased participation in clubs such as Eco club, Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs club(AWE)
  • Better sanitation and hygiene in washrooms
  • Maintenance of physical facilities such as fans, desks, inadequate no of dustbins in corridors
  • Greater participation in extension programs
  • Promotion of ethical values
  • Rally on Environmental safety and protection
  • Information dissemination and encouraging students to participate in various student activities.
  • Feedback on teaching,etc.
  • Evidence of  Success:

The SQC meetings have generated a heightened interest among students and a conscious awareness of their role in Quality enhancement of the Institution.

Some of the indicators of success are:

  • Active participation and interest in SQC meetings
  • Activation of clubs
  • Enhanced interest in Book Reading
  • Greater participation of students in activities
  • Increased hygiene in washrooms
  • Provision of incinerators in washrooms.
  • Better maintenance of physical facilities.

Student Activities:

  • Sonch Club”, students sharing their views on contemporary issues.

pic1      pic2

  • Quiz on General issues


  • Student sharing her views on “Not to believe the fake news”.


  • “Wellness Campaign”, a rally by students for the cleanliness of the campus in the college.

pic5     pic6

  • Juveria Tabassum, Ms.Jasmine and Ms.Syeda Mahveen Sana , the members of SQC has given the introduction about the SQC and the activities done by it to the first year students on the Induction Day, inspiring them to join the club and do the activities.
    • Students sharing their problems in the meeting and also the activities they can do for the enrichment of the college.

 pic7     pic8

  • Students participating in the “Book Review” session.