Title: Research Advisory Committee(RAC)

RAC Document

  • Context:

The NAAC recommendations in the last cycle of reaccreditation and the growing need for research to enhance knowledge creation and delivery have brought to light the need to focus on promoting research in the Institution. The Institution through QAC has constituted the Research advisory Committee to achieve this objective.

  • Objective :

The Primary function of the RAC is to contribute towards encouraging, guiding and monitoring the research activities of the staff in the college. The main objective being to enhance research activities among staff including undertaking PhDs, UGC research projects, Projects funded by other Research or Government Institutions, Publications, Paper Presentations etc

The objectives of RAC are :

  1. To promote research among the staff.
  2. To disseminate information regarding research programmes like, PhD, Research Projects etc.
  3. To provide guidance on writing articles, working papers etc. in research journals.
  4. To improve the impact factor & citation index (to begin with) that of the doctorates.
  5. To guide the faculty in the preparation of the Research proposals for securing financial assistance.
  6. To launch a Journal for the college
  • Practice :

The IQAC has organized Faculty Development Programs on Research, Selecting Research topics, Tapping Knowledge Resources etc to stimulate interest and promote knowledge on the various aspects of research and the learning resources and facilities available to interested researchers.

With this as the basis the RAC has implemented various activities to enhance research.

The Activities of the RAC include:

  1. Dissemination of relevant info to the staff: The RAC has been instrumental in disseminating information related to research activities, such as UGC Minor Research projects, other schemes for research funding , etc , the circulars , dates and the process involved in preparation and submission.

It has also widely disseminated the college policies and schemes of the college which are formulated, to enable them to utilize them effectively.

  1. The RAC members have been providing continuous advice & guidance to faculty undertaking research activities, through common meetings and on a one –one level.
  2. Creating guidelines /manuals for all the needed activities: The RAC has formulated guidelines for grant of financial assistance, to faculty engaging in research activities. Dissemination of the guidelines have encouraged faculty to engage and apply for research activities.
  • Evidence of success

The Success is evident through the following details:

Nature of Research Activity No. of activities in last cycle(Year) No of present activities(Year)
UGC Projects 4 10
Publications 56 189
Paper Presentations 30 120
Attending seminars 40 114
  •  Outcome :

There is significant increase in the number of research activities in the Institution with enhanced awareness and stimulated interest.