French Lit Fest


Quills Literary Club, Department of English and Foreign Languages, RBVRR Women’s College conducted a one day literary fest, “Sonder: Realize the lore within you.” The fest celebrated the spirit of literature, individuality and entrepreneurship skills.  Club Chairperson, Ms M. Suchitra Reddy inaugurated the fest. Literary activities by the club fetched the college the award, “Best Institute for Reading for Pleasure,” by the Food 4 Thought Foundation at the India Reading Olympiad, Hyderabad Literary Festival, 2020. Students put up various stands and stalls on literature, popular culture, poetry, music and food. Some of them included, “Band up,” which sold creative hand bands, “Netflix and Chill,” where the students conducted various levels of quizzes on popular series based on books. Members of the club put up literary games like “Find Me,” where students had to identify poets and writers. There was also a stall titled, “Feelings Hub,” where visitors penned their emotions on challenging ideas. Poets of the club, set up a “Poet’s Corner,” they read from their published book, Zephyr, Hawakal Publishers, Ed. Dr Jhilam Chattaraj. Members also put up a “Harry Potter Station,” along with interesting art installations. Students dressed up as famous literary characters like Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen and depicted the fashions sense of artists over the ages.  The Department of English is also the nodal department for French. Several students showcased their knowledge of French through role-pays, stalls, vocabulary contests and costumes. There was also a selfie booth where the students clicked photographs of visitors for a minimum charge. The atmosphere of the fest was electric and lively.  The highlight of the fest was the “The House of the Dead,” which was an exquisitely designed scary house and was visited by several students.  Students dressed up as ghosts and witches and created an eerie atmosphere with spooky background music. Students also entertained the audience with live performances including songs, dances, flute, guitar, monologues and witty skits in French inspired by Moliere. “Sonder,” was visited by several students and faculty members. The fest was coordinated by students, Tasleem Fatima and Meera Saheba and faculty members, Ms Suchitra Reddy, Dr Sumitra Jaiswal, Dr Jhilam Chattaraj and MsRuthKezia.

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